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As a busy online entrepreneur, your time is your most valuable asset. You understand how important it is to have a steady flow of fresh, relevant content to your website. But there are so many other pressing issues vying for your attention. You know that eventually you will have to try outsourcing so that you can offload some of the content development tasks so that you can focus on running your business. But you are also leery about taking the time to weed through and interview writers in order to find one that will produce quality writing at a price that you can afford.

Here are five steps that you can follow to find a good ghostwriter:

1. Get a recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust.
Ask around within your business network for recommendations for good writers. Be prepared for the fact that some people aren’t always willing to share when they have found a good, dependable writer, so you may have to be persistent.

Visit online forums such as the warrior forum, sitepoint and digital point forums to find ghostwriters who are offering their services. Look for positive feedback from other forum members about the quality of work and responsiveness.

2. Review their web site and writing samples
Follow the link to each writer’s website and look at their samples and testimonials from satisfied customers. You will be able to quickly get a feel for the writer’s style and if it might suit your needs.

3. Communicate with them
Contact the writer and set up a consultation. It’s great if you can actually speak to the writer on the phone. You can learn a lot about a person by the way that they speak and the vocabulary they use. If they don’t speak clear, standard English, chances are they can’t write it much better.

Find out about the writer’s turnaround time, ask about their policy for rush projects, and their payment policies.

If you require a confidentiality or Non-disclosure agreement, this is the time to discuss it.

4. Clearly articulate the scope of your project.
Most writers lament the fact that their clients aren’t always as clear as they would like about their projects. The more explicit you are about your requirements for the project, the less opportunity for confusion. This saves time on your part and the writer wastes less time doing re-writes.

5. Have the writer complete a sample project.
If you want to go ahead with a particular writer, request that they do a sample project. This way you can get a feel for how it will be to work with you and the writer can assess what kind of a client you will be to work for. Clearly establish the price, your specifications and a deadline for this sample project. When the project is complete you can make a clear decision on whether or not you want to move forward with this writer.

If you follow these simple steps you can get through the process of hiring a ghostwriter to create fresh content for your website quickly and efficiently.

When you are ready to try outsourcing your content development needs and hire a ghostwriter who will save you time and money while providing high-quality, engaging content that will keep your visitors coming back, please feel free to contact the author, Evelyn Bourne, Freelance writer, and request a consultation today.


You’re a busy website owner who knows that the secret to more traffic and sales is fresh, relevant, SEO content on your website. But, have you ever been burned by these three mistakes when outsourcing content?

-You bought a bunch of PLR articles intending to re-write them, but never found the time?

-You hired “off-shore” writers because they were dirt cheap, but then you ended up having to revise and re-write everything?

-You’ve tried writing content yourself, but you don’t have the time?

When you hire A Productive Pen Writing Services what you’ll get is fresh, original, well-written SEO copy for your websites and blogs. It’s that simple.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and over ten years of online writing experience. We’re a boutique SEO Copywriting firm taking only a few select clients who want carefully written, quality content that resonates with them and adds value to their business.

Stop wasting your time paying for useless copy that you then have to re-work to suit your needs. We are looking for a few good clients to fill our last remaining openings, but our schedule is filling up quickly.

Contact me: ebb567 AT and schedule a quick consultation before the calendar is booked solid so that we can get started creating some fresh content for your blogs and websites.

What do my happy clients have to say about my work?

“Evelyn is a fantastic writer! She has an extremely fast turn around time, and the quality of her articles is second to none. We will certainly be using her in the future. She is a fabulous writer.” —-> Paul Counts

Creating quality SEO articles and other fresh web copy for you in a timely manner is my focus. As a web site owner, you need a reliable supply of accurate, compelling content for your sites and your blogs that will make your visitors stay on your site and purchase from you. Your site’s content will ensure that you are perceived as  a trusted resource within your industry or niche. You have come to the right place to find that content.

My name is Evelyn. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English, and  over three years of freelance writing experience doing SEO content creation.  I have written for several web sites, and individual clients. The niches that I have strong experience in include:

  • yoga
  • health & wellness
  • weight loss
  • fitness
  • vegetarian lifestyle
  • nutrition
  • credit cards
  • debt consolidation
  • travel & tourism
  • gardening
  • golf
  • education
  • social media marketing

I am fully capable of writing on most any topic, and you can be assured that the articles I write will be carefully researched.

I do not write on the following topics:

  • Forex
  • Gambling
  • Criminal activity
  • Pornography

Samples of my writing can be found on this site along with my prices and other services that I provide. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me. I accept payment through paypal, but I must approve each client before I proceed. See my pricing page for details on payment policies.


Contact me at: ebb567 (AT) Skype me at: evelynb77

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