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Yoga: You Can Practice at Home

Yoga is a great form of exercise that can help you to feel relaxed, and centered while also toning and strengthening your body. Most people think that you can only do yoga in a yoga studio or a gym, but you can definitely do yoga at home. It’s a good idea to take a few introductory classes so that you can become familiar with the poses, or work with a personal yoga instructor so that you can feel confident that you can perform the asanas (poses) safely.

First you’ll want to set up your home yoga studio. Whether you will be simply moving your coffee table to the side to give you enough space to practice, or doing something as elaborate as devoting a special room in your home to your yoga practice. You could work with an interior designer to choose a soothing color scheme, natural bamboo or wood flooring, adequate ventilation and appropriate sound and lighting.

But a formal studio is not necessary to have a rewarding yoga practice at home. As long as you have enough space to lay out your yoga mat and move around while performing the various postures you will be fine. A TV and a video player is a great addition to your yoga space, so that you can follow along with your favorite Yoga DVDs or listen to soothing background music as you perform your own routines. Your personal comfort is the most important part of your home yoga space.

As you expand your home practice, you might try searching for yoga postures online, printing them out and then posting them on the wall in your practice space so that you can see them as you work through each asana.

Yoga is both an internal practice of relaxation fostering a sense of oneness and peace, and the external practice of working with the body and the breath. Meditation serves to bring these elements together, so including a meditation sequence either guided or silent is the perfect way to end your home yoga routine. After awhile you will really begin to notice a difference in your level of calmness, increased energy and alertness after the meditation.

Practicing yoga at home can be not only rewarding, but it’s also a convenient and a great way to save money on class fees and gym memberships. If you should begin to get bored working out alone all of the time, invite a friend or two over to practice with you, or take your mat and your music player to the park for a completely different change in scenery. Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that helps to keep you both healthy and happy. Definitely try this at home.


Online Learning: The World of Education at Your Fingertips

Online Learning takes advantage of the power of the Internet to bring a vast amount of learning resources from around the globe directly into the learner’s home. There are many advantages to learning online, and we will explore these in this article.

Convenience is one of the most important benefits of online learning. Rather than needing to get dressed and leave the house to travel to a university, students simply log on to the web site of the educational program that they are participating in. Some online classes are held live and in real time, while others are pre-packaged and can be consumed at the student’s convenience and in any location where the student has access to a computer and the Internet. For some lecture classes, all a student needs is a portable media player, PDA or smart mobile phone that will allow them to listen to their lectures on the go at any time of the day or night.

Online learning provides a learner-centered educational experience. With course content available in text, audio or video students are free to engage with the content in the way that fits their individual learning style be it visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic.

The ability to freely interact with what they are studying makes online learning a more dynamic experience than simply sitting in a crowded classroom passively absorbing a lecture. Online learning causes the student to be more self-directed. They must take the initiative to engage with their fellow classmates and instructors to participate in the learning process in a cooperative way.

Student participation in an online educational environment can help to reinforce the skills needed to engage fully in the use of technology that will be a benefit to them in the future. Online learning can also foster collaborative team work within small groups—an important job skill.

Online learning also gives students access to educational programs and resources that may not be available in their geographic location. A student who is pursuing a highly specialized course of study might want to take a class from a professor who is a subject matter expert in that particular field. Online education makes this possible even if the student and teacher find themselves on different continents.

If you are considering continuing your education or if you are just starting out, online education is worth pursuing because it allows you the student to pursue a high quality educational experience in an exciting, convenient way.



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